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Purity and Price Are Not Correlated!

The prices charged by biomedical reagent vendors for a given product tell you nothing about the purity.

For example, as shown in our Purity/Price Comparison Table for Rapamycin you
can pay:

  • $284.50 to Sigma for 1 mg of 95% pure rapamycin

  • $199 to Calbiochem for 1 mg of 98% pure rapamycin

  • $53 to LC Labs for 50 mg of >99% pure rapamycin,
    which is about $1 per mg

Another example is cyclopamine:

  • Among the many cyclopamine suppliers, 17 suppliers charge $18 to $210 for 1 mg; nine of those suppliers make a purity claim of 98%, and another
    four claim only 97%

  • LC Labs' price for 25 mg of >99% pure cyclopamine is $87 — 1/5 to
    1/60 of the cost from other major suppliers

Please peruse some of our other Purity/Price Comparison Tables.  The picture is clear -- price tells you nothing about quality.

Calyculin A
Cyclopamine, Free Base
Leptomycin, Free Acid
LY 294002
Okadaic Acid, Free Acid
PD 98059
Phorbol 12-Myristate 13-Acetate
SB 203580

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Quick Product Lists

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