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Our Promise to You

We don't waste your grant/budget funds...

  • No T-shirts

  • No mugs, no pens

  • No 4-color catalogs or newsletters (very expensive to print!)

  • No advertisements in journals

  • No booths at trade shows

  • No salespeople in the hallways of your institution

  • No special "sale" or "discount" gimmicks

  • No pricey outside contractors to build our website

  • No marketing or promotional phone calls to researchers

(After all, your grant or budget pays for
these components of reagent costs!)


Just the Essentials . . .

  • Important, widely-used compounds

  • Highest purities available

  • Lowest prices available

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Quick Product Lists

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Our products are for laboratory research only and are sold only to qualified research institutions, not to individuals or patients nor for veterinary use.